Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Edging Toward The Door

As Iraq spirals into a total hell, Americans are debating what to do and who to blame.

The latest trend is to blame Iraqis.

"We can not save the Iraqis from themselves"

"We all want them to succeed..."

"If the Iraqis are determined to destroy themselves and their country, I don't know how in the world we're going to stop them..."

It's enough to make you want to stop being the world's most super favorite humanitarian superpower of love and good intentions people.

Graphic by Bansky

Hell Ya

San Diego to ban Wal-Marts? hmmmmmm...und warum nicht Kanada?

Graphic by Bansky

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Dianne 'God told me to hate gays' Haskett, has suffered ignominious defeat in London North. Woohoo!

Harper will be short one more right wing 'Jesusland U.S.A'. style wacko.

Now she must return to the bible beltway to await further instructions from God or rest in her coffin till once again the dark forces summon her to terrify the world of the living.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Reflections: Up The Lazy W

Sure, he can be an insensitive assclown when you've lost everything you own. And his mom is no hell either to have around in a disaster, especially if you're poor and black. The apple didn't fall far from that rotten tree.

Hiring incompetent cronies at least shows loyalty? Loyalty like the mob. Except for Rummy, who for some reason became a sacrificial exception to that consistency. I guess it's just past midnight and the unsinkable ship neocon has hit it's own iceberg.

W likes to share a little birthday cake with guys whose families his campaign swiftboated heinously, while elsewhere, what else, people are drowning still...

Saddam was a bad man who had to be stopped at any price? Well at the time that's what they promised. Apparently a tyrant is what held that country together for better or worse, so W became a despot himself in the holy name of 911 and big oil. And then Iraq just turned itself mysteriously into the central front in the never ending war on terror. An amazing trick no one can yet explain.

And a president can't allow emotion to affect his judgment in protecting America from grave dangers. Bring it on. We won't lose unless we quit. It will all be a comma in the history books.

I'm afraid we may never get to see the inner sensitive side of W.
Apparently, it may not even exist.
But there's still time to pardon a bunch of republican criminals. That would be kind of sensitive? In a sociopathic republican kind of way.

Another Banana Vote

Elections today in Ecuador. Woohoo. Control your enthusiasm. There has been a steady drift away from U.S. influence in South American politics, thanks to the Bush banana republicans trying to have all of the bananas themselves. Will the drift to the left continue?

Same story at the banana polls. The guy on the left is a young, guitar strumming charismatic fellow, doctorate in economics Univ. of Illinois. He thinks Bush is a dimwit.
The guy on the right is a bible toting banana baron., Ecuador's richest man and a billionaire no doubt due to the low wages he's paid Ecuadorians.
Three quarters of Ecuador is in poverty so one would expect the guy on the left to wipe up? Polls show a close race? There's always voter tampering in South American elections..oh yeah...I forgot ...Ohio, Florida...never mind.
The guy on the right has been throwing fistfuls of cash and free computers ( someone could get hurt?) at his campaign stops and promising to be the savior of the poor. And save them from what, banana barons?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Friday Kitty Puppy Blogging

Okay, okay, I missed kitty-puppy blogging Friday.

It all started Thursday. Something that hasn't happened in so long, no one could remember around these parts. The cable and internet went off. After an unsuccessful reboot I made the fateful call to Rogers, only to be told that it was a local problem that may not be fixed till Friday.

They did kindly offer to phone me when it was restored. I think that was supposed to make me laugh. And I'm suppose to tell my family of cable/ internet addicts what?

An immediate mood of panic, then dread befell the household. People nervously looked out windows fidgeting with bored tension. People contemplated playing cards or cleaning rooms. Things we use to do before the internet. It was hellish.

The kitty and puppies were amused.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There's Always Mom and Dad

At a conference suppose to be Bush friendly,muahahaha, Bush Sr. was stunned by angry questions from the crowd about his unintelligible idiot son. Well duh, George, you may as well get use to it everywhere.

George blurted out in defense, 'my son is an honest man.' Holy shit, if you're going to make outrageous claims like that dad, please provide examples, as the world would like to hear of any such occurrences.

Another common Bush Sr. retort for protesters is, ' how come everybody wants to come to the United States if the United States is so bad?". Ah, ya George, the average American is responsible for your government's foreign policy cruelty. That non sequitur is almost as dumb as Junior's quips .

Finally, Bush claimed pride that his son wouldn't cut and run or make changes when the polls were against him. Only in Bushland and Faux News, is stubbornness a virtue. Yes we're all proud about people dying everyday in a war that's over except with your son Nixon Jr. and was started based on lies and ulterior motives.

Dad forgot to mention 1000 points of light... read my lips ... 911

Monday, November 20, 2006

Orwellian Crap File

The U.S. government is dropping the word hunger from it's annual report on hunger. Hungry is just not scientifically accurate enough for well fed bureaucrats. The new hungry speak is 'low food security.'

Maybe if the U.N. adopts the new lingo, they might get a commitment from the U.S. on tackling 'very low food security' in Africa?

Wash,rinse,repeat. War is peace. 911.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Assclown On Parade

Petulant fratboy is pissed after Puti Poot pinches his butt and tells him Kissinger has changed his mind on Iraq.

Kissinger in a rare moment of honesty admits there is a civil war there now and that a military victory by the U.S. is no longer possible .

To make The Decider in Chief more annoyed, it's also recommended that the U.S. engage in a dialogue with Syria and Iran.

Sounds like the adults are telling Bush his imperial boy king schtick is up. Of course I'm guessing at the dialogue there, Putin may also have been asking Bush how his escape compound in Paraguay was going. muhahahahaha

Sunday Visual Break

It's been two months since artwork adorned my blog. That shows how evil in the world has dominated our attention as of late.

Marcel Duchamp was the original outrageous bad boy of the art world. There was more to him than urinals turned into drinking fountains and nude models playing chess at the entrance to his exhibitions.

I've always been fond of 'Nude Descending a Staircase #2'
Firstly, it's friggin elegant and gorgeous.
Cubist and abstract, it only creates in our minds the idea that there's a nude in motion down a staircase thru the creative use of lines. Pretty hip painting for 1912.
Afterall, reality is whatever we want . Learned that from the neocons.

If one prefers elegance combined with soothing balance of form, it's hard to beat Modigliani's stylish beauty. Funny how a crazed drunken mind can produce such calm tasteful beauty?

Somewhere in Africa , long ago, someone first started the elongated form concept in art, which has been taken as inspiration by western artists. Sort of like the first blues artists. No money, no fame for the originators.

When one purchases a framed print of Amedeo's , it should come with a complimentary bottle of red wine to help break it in :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's Islam Done For Women Lately?

Moving from religious nuttiness in the west to religious crazies in the east, we start with the good news that Pakistan after months of promises and delays has finally moved rape charges out of Islamic law, Hudood law, and into secular criminal courts.
Yes, it took till November 2006 to reverse a law that said in order to charge a man with rape, a woman must produce four male eye witnesses. If she fails to win her challenge, she is charged with adultery, which could lead to lashes or stoning.
After many centuries of crazy, we'll have to see if there is real progress. Religious leaders lament that this change will turn Pakistan into a 'free sex zone'. It has produced thousands of false charges every year against victims of rape.
Things are worse in Afghanistan where there's an 85% illiteracy rate and chronic poverty among women.

Make Them Stop: From The Irresponsible Asshats File

There are over 20,800 denominations of Christians! As far as I'm concerned, each group gets wackier than the last. This bunch pictured above are called 'quiverfulls' , a conservative Protestant offshoot that does not believe in reproductive intervention. They believe that only God can control family planning, " God is the only opener and closer of the womb", from Psalm 127.

Why is it always the woman's body that God's teachings control? Oh yeah, because religion is essentially about men controlling women. Anyway, I'd be more impressed if there was a Psalm that said God controls a man's penis as in only God can cause it to rise and lower. Then God would have some serious explaining to do.

As for the quivers, they say they're a small but growing sect. Duh, only because they're having so many friggin kids.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Kitty Friday

My kitty misses those warm sunny days.

May have to look into getting her some friends to keep warm this winter.

Segolene Royal may be France's first female president.

53 years young...I should brush up on my French and pay more attention to older women.

In this pic she gestures how she would rebuke dead in his tracks, the groping president asshat Guber McBush, if he ever tried to lay a quickie massage on her ala the Angela Merkel G-8 assault.

Restoring Humanity

One day after wondering if there may be a reversal of Bush's Torture Bill...we have Sen. Dodd preparing legislation to do just that and it's for first order of business in January.
"..the legislation is intended to restore some of the moral authority America lost with the rest of the world". Ah...ya and understatement.
Harper may be disappointed. He kind of tied his little wagon to the falling neocon stars, c'est la vie.

Reverse the bad and hold real oversight over the petulant lame duck boy king.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Shame

Rumsfeld formally charged yesterday in Germany for war crimes.
He may not care about international law but he'd probably like to travel some day without fear of arrest and hopefully suffers a lifetime of shame and ridicule.

Maybe the Dems would show enough character to reverse recent amendments to the War Crimes Act designed to protect the architects of U.S. war crimes at home.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jesus Just Left Chicago...

Rep. Conyers: Good morning Mr. President, thank you for being here. Before we begin I wanted to ask you if you don't mind, about stories in the international media and blogs...about you buying a very large tract of land in Paraguay last year? Are you planning on retiring there some day?

Pres. Bush: Ah, yah, ah that's just a little holiday getaway spot there ah, real pretty down there.

Rep. Conyers:
150 square miles is a lot of vacation home, my...and your dad has a much bigger area too down there , sounds like the whole clan's moving down there. ( interrupted laughter from room) I also found it interesting that apparently just before you purchased this land, that the government in Paraguay changed their extradition law so that no one can be extradited from that country for political crimes ? Did you know anything about that?

Pres. Bush: (whispering with attorney) Ah, It's been suggested to me that I don't have to answer this type of questions and I'm a taking the fifth commandment too..

Rep. Conyers: That's the fifth amendment Mr. President. Maybe I should check to see if you revoked that yet? Ah, no, that's okay, you can still have that right...

Monday, November 13, 2006

No Slacking You Ponies

What in the name of all that's good, and the little ponies, is up with this?
Less than a week after America has been rescued from going over the abyss called late stage fascism, I find articles in a trusted site of common sense recommending that the Dems drop any notions of impeachment! Okay, Watts is an independent, but...
The repukes spent $100 million trolling trailer parks specifically to disrupt a successful presidency. No other reason. That's how they are. They're vicious about winning, America's interests be damned.
But now that adults are in charge, it's not a ruse but an obligation to investigate since the crimes by comparison are historic in proportion , compared to hiding a consensual affair from your family and country. Did Bush deliberately lie his nation into an illegal, immoral war for big oil's interests and a personal grudge with Saddam? And there are other possible impeachable crimes. Wasn't this election won over the nations exasperation with political corruption and Iraq?

So allow me to be naive and say that these ponies knew the work load was going to be mega-serious. So hire more staff, increase your budgets, work on the nations business by day, hold investigation hearings in the evening ( when we can watch real democracy live after work) and see if we can't do both. By rights, the costs of all investigations should be charged to the GOP but I guess they could claw back a few points from tax cuts to the very wealthiest, Bush's base as he calls them?
This nation has never acted like they were at war, so now they'll have to work harder to get out of a war, repair a mess so big only W could have made it and return to the rule of law that seeks the wealthy and powerful as well as the rest.

Aside from reaffirming the rule of law in 'crooks run amok land', the Dems cannot show kindness or weakness to the GOP. They are like the tiger below. Offering forgiveness is a piece of meat to the GOP tiger, they will not give kindness back but only more aggression for what Bushco wants. Right now the GOP are still reeling. Keep them off balance with pending serious investigations while taking care of the nation's business.

Photo by Angela Davidson.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Sad Santorums

The Santorum kids took the election defeat rather hard. Poor dad had worked his way up the corrupt GOP ladder to number 3 at the senate, the 3rd most corrupt Senator.
Dad won't be able to steal from fake charities anymore. Dad will lose the corporate bribe connections that have them living successfully far over their real incomes.
Oh my gosh, they'll be like a regular American family with real family issues and financial limitations. Not a very Republican concept, not getting what you want the easy way.
If he can escape an investigation which most GOP crooks do, I'm sure he'll find honest work somewhere.

When I was searching google images of "Rick Santorum children", this unexpected picture was on the first page. I don't know who she is but she's been working so fast in her home office that her clothes just blew off.
Well, 90% of all accidents do happen in the home.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cat Blogging Friday

A pic of the real official kitty of Q manor, the one that doesn't like wearing clothes.
This gal loves to sunbathe outside and cares little for world politics.

Puppy however was up late Tuesday celebrating the defeat of fascism south of the border and is very very tired.

Karma Comes Early

The irony...Germany is charging top U.S officials with war crimes next week. They want Rumsfeld, Gonzales,Tenet,Addington and others. They tried this in 2004 but backed off to allow Rumsfeld to attend a summit in Munich. Things are different now and they're very serious this time especially since Rummy is out now.
German law allows war crimes charges for actions that take place anywhere in the world by anyone.

The star witness for the defense is the commander of Abu Ghraib during the scandal, Brig. General Janis Karpinski. She's some pissed off with Rummy...can't imagine why?
The Bush Administration rejects international criminal courts because they could charge them with crimes. At least they have a sense of humor.
The plaintiffs are 11Iraqis and a Saudi tortured at Abu Ghraib.

Well if you can't do the time...or if you want to live the rest of your days on the Bush ranch in Paraguay listening to the twins whine, then don't assault and insult civilized standards of conduct and act like fascists and Nazis.
Otherwise, welcome to the consequences of criminal behavior.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


"Then I tolds Madame speaker Pelosi that I thought she was real purdy and smart and Karl said it was impossible for you guys to win both houses and that was the only way you could subpoena witnesses and start real investigations and I never meant to be a radical unpopular president , I just wanted to get Saddam cause I hated him and I wanted to help Dick and our other friends to protect Iraq's oil and I'm not really a bad guy, we could have a beer sometime and I didn't want to move to Paraguay till after 2008 and Madame Pelosi just smiled a lot and I said I'll do just about anything to stay out of jail, just funnin with her, right?"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems Win Senate

Keep Purging America

Jesus had a special love for the brachiosaurs.

The elections went so well, except for Joe Loserman voted in by Repukes and acting like he's still popular with Dems everywhere, is it expecting too much to ask if these Jesus-Dino people are gone yet?

At least nutball creationist theme park guy Dr. Dino is put away for good.... muahahahahaha

A Reckoning Before '08?

I'm sure awol Guber McFlightSuit has checked off his list,

1) Finish building secure compound in Paraguay.
2)Passport. Suitcases with cash.
3) Bribed helicopter pilot at the ready.
4) Don't forget twins.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

12 Years of Corruption Ends

Good Riddance

Rick just wanted to thank God in his concession speech. haha.

Me too. Thank God you're gone.

Now he can spend more time looking for WMD in Iraq.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Adios Saddam, You Knucklehead

Rumsfeld was sent to secure good relations with Saddam in 1983, a year after the 1982 heinous crime he's now been convicted of. It wasn't important then. It's a crime against humanity today.

In fact Reagan made Iraq an ally providing the gas and weapons needed to kill Kurds and Shia throughout the 80's as long as they were an ally against the evil Iran. Nothing else mattered then.

In 1984 Reagan sold Saddam 45 helicopters that were useful for gasing Kurdish villages in 1988.
The U.S. Senate tried to sanction Iraq over this but the White House killed that.

Rumsfeld was Reagan's point man in Iraq during these crimes against humanity.

Maybe he'll get a medal after he leaves running a disastrous occupation of Iraq, like the other Bush failures?

It's enough to make informed voters wonder who the bad guys really are? Informed voters? heh.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Are All Homophobic Republicans Gay?

So the president of the National Association of Evangelicals has been kicked out out of the flock.
Aren't they suppose to go after the lost sheep and forgive?
Anyway, the hypocrite with president Bush's ear at the White House on strategy and policy against gays and gay marriage is disgraced...yawn.
Maybe more interesting about evangelicals and sex is their explanation for their failures.
Pastor Mark Driscoll explains that it's because of our wives, 'who let themselves go' that leads to this kind of infidelity. Yes a frumpy wife not making herself available for sex will drive her pastor husband to drug abuse and gay sex!!!
Does this not help explain the mystery and disconnect of these people?
Ignorance is not bliss.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Worse Than Kim!

Those ungrateful bastard Brits think W. is more dangerous than the axis of evil guys.
Worse than Kim Dong? Worse than Ahmadinejad? Worse than Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah!

62% of Canadians also think the world is less safe because of Awol McAsshat? Only 1 in 4 Israelis think the world is safer because of Bush.

But he looks so 'get the job done competent' here walking proudly with heckuva job Brownie and Foley the page guy.
This shot would make a fine campaign picture......for the Dems. Vote for competence and values.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ted Haggard Fallout

Wish it weren't so Jimmy.

Wish it weren't so.

Moral of story, if you want to be a right wing power player and attack gays and gay marriage , you'd better be straight.

Better moral, just fuck off you crazy assed hypocrites.

But the good news is it's an excuse to dust off the broke back lego guys.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Where Are The Journalists?

Campaigning yesterday in Texas, Awol McAsshat and Darth Cheney claimed repeatedly that if the Democrats win, then the terrorists also win and America loses. They keep making claims about Dems that are outright lies but no call for an apology from anyone. That's reserved for Kerry's little gaffe? What a ridiculous double standard.

In fact, the National Intelligence Estimate came to the conclusion that it's Bush's policies in Iraq that are driving terrorism. Robert Parry points out the symbiotic relationship that Bushco and Bin Laden have that keeps each other in business.
The conclusion, vote for Republicans and Al Qaeda wins!