Monday, April 30, 2007

Pirates and Marauders

All Cheney needs now is a patch over one eye and a parrot.

The only oil wells in the world that are unmetered.

No one knows how much oil is flowing and where it has been delivered to.

Since 2003 the company responsible to install the international standardized meters, Cheney's Haliburton, hasn't gotten around to doing that.

They cite security problems yet these areas are the most heavily guarded!!

Some estimate at least$3 billion a year is being stolen by U.S. and Iraqi officials, since 2003.

Iraq has now become one of the poorest countries in the world. The new oil charter written in the U.S. still aims to take most of the control and profits of Iraq's oil for the big 4 oil companies.

Who are the terrorists in the Middle East?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

How Would You Like Your Reality Today?

Could someone assemble a team of psychiatrists to explain the deviance that goes on in the minds of people we loosely label, right wing?

There's been a dramatic drop in violent death in Iraq, if you don't count people killed in violence?

The Sham and the Shame

When he was running for re-election last year, Joe Lieberman, White House lap dog and sycophant war monger, was a most vocal critic of the Katrina failures.

Being a sycophant lap dog, he of course was made chairman in the Senate committee to probe Katrina after Connecticut re-elected the worst possible choice for Senator and immediately stopped all requests for embarrassing documents from the White House and ended the probe into failures.

Old news of course but more frustrating in light of new documents showing more criminal levels of incompetence of the worst ever misadministration.

Only about 40million of almost a billion in money and aid offered from overseas was ever accepted. Some shiploads of medical aid went spoiled in port waiting.

There aren't enough years left in the Bush term to investigate the criminal levels of negligence.

Personally, I'm convinced that when his term is done Bush will be retiring with his war fortune to Paraguay and in Bush tradition, not give a flying crap what anyone thinks.

And Senator Lieberman, what will his legacy be?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

If There Was A God

It's about time that someone took a serious look at the Machiavellian dough boy.
But if this sweeping enquiry is coming from inside the do we know the fix isn't in?

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Values Party

Right wing sex is too creepy.

At least they're not reproducing little Wolfies.

Sanjaya Gonzales

No one snarks like Mr. Fish.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Total AssClown

He gets creepier every day.
Somebody pull the plug on this guy before he becomes a total laughing stock.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

JUST GOT PAID - ZZ Top Live 2003

There are reasons not to hate Texas.

University of Terror

Oh great, the head of al Qaeda in Iraq( wasn't he captured recently? Must be multiples of these guys ) says that Iraq is now producing the best trained and motivated warriors ever thanks to President Awol Gameboy McFlightsuit's stupid invasion of the wrong country as a response to 911.
"...if Afghanistan was the school for terror then Iraq is a university of terrorism"
This will be Bush's legacy, a never ending hatred of the U.S. from people who previously, were not terrorists.

Friday, April 13, 2007

C For Cookie

C is for classic, muahahahaha

Making Progress

Well at least Americans are better off than Iraqis?

Iraq's okay, as long as you don't mind poor health care, little electricity, a shortage of drinking water and dead bodies lying around in the streets in unsanitary conditions.

But...apparently, according to the locals, no where is safe from bombings etc.? Except any market where McCain is touring.

More Rovian Mischief

Don't you hate it when you accidentally lose 5 million e-mails?
Well, you can't lose them, they were accidentally deleted, one at a time.
Well, you can't totally lose them by deleting them. It would take an enormous effort to totally purge records of them.
But don't worry, lying White House spokesperson and hottie Dana Perino says there is no indication of improper actions.
Sure the e-mails were sent on lap tops using outside illegal servers to avoid normal White House record keeping, but hey, that kind of stuff can happen to any Republican administration?
Didn't Bill Clinton get a blow job? 911. Stay the course.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh Icy Sexpot, Why Doth Thou Vex Me So?

Ari Fleischer has met his match for White House Spokesperson Champion Liar of all time, Ms.Dana Perino.

And she's a rookie too. So young , so treacherous, such a bright future with the fascists.

Sure, it's her job to spin the best face on every story but with Republicans winning is everything. Lying isn't even wrong if it means a win. They obviously can't govern worth a shit but winning at all costs is their holy mantra and they are good at that.

Today when reminded that the American people voted for change in Iraq, she claimed that yes they did, but they didn't vote for the Dem's timetable for a pullout but for Bush to change his policy, which he did with operation 'surge' and lead America to victory in Iraq. Americans voted for Bush's policies by voting for the Dems!!
If she wasn't a lady I'd slap her. Okay, I'd probably rather have dinner with her. We could talk about this outrageous claim over drinks...and why would this Heather Locklear like hottie mouthpiece of the evil Bush empire meet with me? Because they have to win everything everywhere all the time. Even lowly foreign bloggers with 3 readers on a good day have to be won over at all costs so they can say they have it all , their way.

Well being an adventurous rogue, I'd probably sleep with her iciness to gather information but I'd never agree with her lies and therefor, have the last laugh.

And I'm sending back her picture, no thanks Miss Piranha, I still have my principles.

Classic Cheney

These just get my day off with a laugh.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Get Out...Now

Flirting with a greater disaster to placate a lame duck president?
Holy Shiite.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to Christians everywhere. I wish you peace and happiness always.
Please be aware of the heavy burden you must carry to have your beliefs.
The most intelligent thought I ever heard from a Christian, was from the grumpy old Danish guy Soren Kierkegaard. And I'm paraphrasing his thoughts, he said that it makes no sense what so ever to believe the Christian faith. It's not logical, it's not rational. Yet he does believe for his own reason, because he has faith that the beliefs are true.
There are a million reasons to not believe Christian claims and only one to believe them, faith.
I can accept that. It is uniquely human and divine.
If you accept that then you must respect other views and beliefs and their right to exist, regardless of the apparent evangelical call to convert the world to the 'one true faith'.
I don't believe that if there were a God, that it would be possible to have any certain knowledge of that reality. Only through a spiritual and metaphorical knowledge could the supreme identity be known.

Terror U.

It just gets worse.
Ensuring terror for generations must be the policy?


Schlitz may be a little classy for Georgie?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Theocracy For Dummies

Good Friday Blues

Jesus just left Chicago, and he bound for New Orleans.

Jesus just left Chicago, and he bound for New Orleans

Workin from one end to the other and all

points in between.

Took a jump through Mississippi, well muddy water turned to wine,

Took a jump through Mississippi, well muddy water turned to wine,

Then out to California, through the forests and the pines.

Ah, take me with you Jesus.

Blond, blue eyed North American Jesus is in da house.
And he love those right wing conservative always right hypocrite asshats everywhere.

The Evil Lurking in the Bushes

Why hasn't this lying traitor been impeached yet?

Every time he's in the news he's lying about something.

On the same day that the Defense Department issues it's final report that there was no evidence that Hussein's Iraq had any direct involvement with al -Qaeda, " the evil who should have been removed from office by now", is on the media claiming the opposite. This of course is his primary reason for staying in Iraq, that it's always been terrorist central.

So why is the evil behind the President lurking in the bushes during this recent speech?

Catocracy Awaits Us

The spiritual leader of the coming Catocracy of North America will of course be Wizard Cat.

Why a Catocracy? We clearly care more for our pets than anything else. Cats already rule us, they may as well take over everything else.

Under the Catocracy, all female cats will be required to wear the blue toque in public.

Waiting For the Second Coming

These guys are still waiting.

These Meerkats would rather mate than wait.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Interspecies Intelligence Gap

The Bonobo chimps at the Great Ape Trust in Iowa have exciting new visitors. 2 trumpeter swans have moved onto their 30 acre lake and created a sensation with the chimps.

These apes have such exceptional language skills that they have been told that they can come up with names for their new friends . They communicate on blackboards with their researchers. They can differentiate colour and sex. The apes have already asked which is the male and female swan and the male swan now has a new black neck band to identify him more easily for them.

Clearly, this story needs follow up as information becomes available.

Clearly, it's great to know that worthwhile scientific endeavours are on going even in Iowa, while the rest of the main stream media concerns itself with total bullshit.

This loser claims that he can stroll safely through a Baghdad market, hoping that no one notices the 100 troops accompanying him, along with the black hawks, snipers, vests, etc. etc.

This is not intelligence, unlike our ape friends. Everyone already knows it's not safe to walk through a Baghdad market but there is no limit to how stupid the GOP thinks many Americans are.

They didn't even allow Iraqi troops along with McCain. They don't even trust them around high profile Americans.

It costs $3500-$5000 U.S. to take a one way taxi ride from the Baghdad airport to downtown Baghdad for U.S. journalists. Obviously not safe there too. It's not safe anywhere.

Who knows what affect the surge is having. We do know that Iraq can not be permanently occupied or defeated so there is no point in trying to win something there. But McCain wants to be the next war president.

He could learn much from the bonobos who have far more interesting, intelligent and peaceful lives.