Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme Part 1

Swiftboating McCain???

The man who was in charge of McCain's Vietnam prison considers McCain a friend, they talked at length, he says that he would vote for him if he was an American and he also claims that McCain was never tortured!

Time for some straight talk?

Untold Stories

Still waiting for an explanation for the many held without charges and tortured.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Cute as only Mr. Fish can be.

I heard a right wing hack on CNN once again point out that it's impossible to catch this guy because he's hiding in a cave. So give Bush a break. Except,he's not in a cave. It's well known that he needs regular kidney dialysis. So, he's not in a cave.

He's obviously in a town in Pakistan that's big enough to have a small hospital.

No one would turn him in, he's a hero through out the Arab world.

Bush can't make a missile strike or he'd kill too many Pakistanis. A country that buys billions in U.S. military goods and has nuclear weapons. Bush=Pawned!!!

Just like Saudi Arabia. Can't hold them responsible for 911 as they are major business partners with the the Bush family business circle. And they buy billions in U.S. military goods. Even the Bin Ladens are good business friends and you can't hold a family responsible for one wayward son?

Which brings us to Iraq. The only country in the M.E. other than Israel that had nothing to do with 911. But they have the most pure, most coveted oil in the world. Close to the ground costing almost nothing to extract, the biggest profits...and before 911 Cheney had his energy task force meeting where he promised the big western oil companies that they'd get into Iraq somehow and divide the oil wealth among them.

Sounds like Dr. Evil but it is coming to pass....

Conspiracy? Many oil companies from China,Russia and everywhere have tried to get access to oil development in Iraq but the big 4 Western companies are the inside guys and......guess what?...NO BID

No bid contracts. It pays to know Bush and Cheney.

Use Big Words... Bush Is Listening

As expected the Dems gave Bush what he wanted today, the power to destroy the 4th amendment and allow complete surveillance of everyone and anyone. Well, they have already been doing that but it was illegal..... but now it's not and wasn't.

You know what's nuts? People who complained that what Bush and the telecoms have been doing is illegal and unconstitutional have been called critics? Pointing out the breaking of the law and constitution makes you a critic !!

Lawless in Amerika

Really, you mean a new dishonest direction?

Last week Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 (yes that's 35) articles of impeachment against Bush.
The House Judiciary Committee is expected to try to ignore them as the Bush clock mercifully runs out on his term in office.
Nancy Pelosi has said repeatedly that impeachment is off the table, fearing a voter back lash in the fall, you know, wasting government time with high crimes and misdemeanors that don't involve sex?
Kucinich is now warning that if his motion is ignored, in 30 days he will introduce another 25 articles of impeachment. Can they ignore 60?

Yes, Bush has broken his oath of office, broken with the Constitution and laws that many times!

My question to Pelosi and all elected Democrats is this...

If you swore to uphold the laws and constitution and a President has violated those laws this many times....what would Bush or any future President have to do to be impeached?

Simple question. What's the answer?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Long Timmeh

Yes, it's not good to speak ill of the dead...I didn't watch Tim faithfully but I found him unwilling to follow up questions after the initial obfuscation answers from right wing guests.

He'd ask a good question after an excellent in depth lead up, get an elusive answer, pause, then go on to the next one...

I believe the name Timmeh, probably coined at Firedoglake, was a ridicule for being too soft on guests who had much to that whole CIA Plame leak case that Timmeh was caught up in himself, oh the thrill of being on the inside of secrets until you realise you've taken part in something very wrong, immoral and illegal...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Future Role For Lying Ass Clown

At a town hall meeting, Obama was asked if he'd consider giving George Bush the position of ambassador to Iraq...after laughing, Obama said, "honestly, we need somebody really good on that job"
Isn't that the same as saying Bush is an incompetent monkey who should be locked up to prevent any further harm to the planet?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jesus Christ

So Dennis Kucinich seems to be the only elected member who is following his oath of office in calling for the impeachment of Bush.

No other Democrat wants to deal with this problem, I guess fearing that the attention this would draw from voters might jinx an easy Democratic sweep this fall...but...

1) If Bush gets a pass on so many crimes, how can future Presidents be impeached for lying or not following their oath to the constitution and laws of the land? What a dangerous precedent that becomes.

2) No one is shocked, I say shocked that Kucinich easily came up with 35 separate serious impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Bush? Not one, two or three serious charges...but 35!!

I have to say that the only two people in history who could get away with that trick would appear to be the simpleton crook Bush and Jesus Christ.

Maybe the Dems will follow up in 2009 with criminal charges. I hope Obama chases his lying ass all the way to Paraguay.

Get Over It

How can there be so many Hillary supporters that say they'll vote for McCain out of their frustration with Hillary losing?

Considering that McInsane has a fat '0' record on voting with women's issues, it makes '0' sense?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When completed next year, the world's tallest building will reach 900 meters!

Yes, that's 2,953 feet! 3/5ths of a mile up.

Part of a $20 billion downtown Dubai construction surge.

I guess it's nice to see where your gas dollars are going, if you can afford to fill up that is.

Well you have to fill up, or the tower to no where for no particular use just won't get done.


Taser has finally lost it's first court case, after intimidating and threatening researchers and coroners everywhere, a jury said yes to the obvious , you are liable for not warning police of the obvious dangers of the over use of this device.

Cartoon via

Friday, June 06, 2008

Jeff Beck - Savoy

Lord give me my daily Beck.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Q & A

Ang is spending half her life in my bath tub..fine..but why am I the only one cleaning out the tub?

If she wasn't so good about my 6 cats...of course I put up with her 60 adopted kids...I dunno...I guess I'm just a big softy.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


John McCain makes a lot of gaffes...and he doesn't correct himself... I guess out of fear of appearing ... kind of dozy? And he's getting dozier.
At least Bush didn't correct himself after his multitudinous gaffes because he was... too stupid to recognize that he was a total moron who just said something like, "is our children learning" infinitum