Saturday, September 29, 2007

vicente amigo - tres notas para decir te quiero

There are many reasons why I don't hate Spain and they're all guitarists.

Democracy Crushed?

What do people who want change and freedom have to do to get help or attention?
Is there no Bush family business connection in the region?

Friday, September 28, 2007


From Nat Parry,
"Virtually no one in the U.S. media spelled out what the individual rights were in the 1948 declaration – presumably because Bush had violated so many of them – nor did the American press corps delve into the conflict between the UN and the Bush administration over its alleged human rights abuses.
The fact that the UN and other international organizations have long called on Bush to adhere to international standards in his prosecution of the “war on terror” was largely ignored by the U.S. media in its coverage of Bush’s speech..."

Eric Johnson @ House Of Blues 10

I have many reasons why I don't hate Texas and they're all guitarists.


Immoral if you're a soldier but what about the party of closet gays and perverts General Pace currently works for?

'Immoral', is making money off of an unnecessary war.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who Should Be Outraged?

2 things annoy and elude the rightwingasphere...

1) A sense of humor

2) The left is more often than not...right

Monday, September 24, 2007

" You Exhibit All The Signs Of A Petty And Cruel Dictator"

Honestly. Sure Ahmad is bad but hell, he hasn't killed over a million Iraqis who had no involvement in 911, terrorism or were ever a threat to anyone.
Get real and get Bush on campus to answer some tough questions about whether he'd lie a nation into an unnecessary war destroying millions of lives.
Maybe the only good thing we can say about these two is they haven't hung any homosexuals or threatened Israel...yet.

Johnny Winter-Rock Me Baby

How can I get any blogging done with youtube around?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Point Mr. Fish

Elizabeth Kucinich - Lebanese/American community in LA

Another reason to vote for elegant, articulate first lady!

Sure beats the drugged out Pickles Bush.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mass Murder in a Phoney War

Over a million dead for oil?

A new survey has confirmed two previous ones about the number of Iraqi civilians killed in violence caused by the Bush invasion since 2003, over 1 million killed.

These numbers are larger than the Rwandan genocide of 800,000 and more Iraqis have been killed now by the Bush family than under Saddam's three decades of rule.

Pimp My Ride Detroit Edition

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Phoney War

Independent and fearless reporters get very different perspectives from the network news and all they have to do is venture behind the scenes and ask people what's really going on.... From Greg Palast and crew we have this perspective...

"Bush shook Abu Risha's hand two weeks ago for the cameras. Bush can shake his hand again, but not the rest of him: Abu Risha was blown away just hours before Bush was to go on the air to praise his new friend.Here's what you need to know that NPR won't tell you.1. Sheik Abu Risha wasn't a sheik.2. He wasn't killed by Al Qaeda.3. The new alliance with former insurgents in Anbar is as fake as the sheik - and a murderous deceit.How do I know this? You can see the film - of "Sheik" Abu Risha, of the guys who likely whacked him and of their other victims.Just in case you think I've lost my mind and put my butt in insane danger to get this footage, don't worry. I was safe and dry in Budapest. It was my brilliant new cameraman, Rick Rowley, who went to Iraq to get the story on his own.Rick's "the future of TV news," says BBC. He's also completely out of control. Despite our pleas, Rick and his partner Dave Enders went to Anbar and filmed where no cameraman had dared tread.Why was "sheik" Abu Risha so important? As the New York Times put it this morning, "Abu Risha had become a charismatic symbol of the security gains in Sunni areas that have become a cornerstone of American plans to keep large numbers of troops in Iraq though much of next year."In other words, Abu Risha was the PR hook used to sell the "success" of the surge.The sheik wasn't a sheik. He was a fake. While proclaiming to Rick that he was "the leader of all the Iraqi tribes," Abu lead no one. But for a reported sum in the millions in cash for so-called, "reconstruction contracts," Abu Risha was willing to say he was Napoleon and Julius Caesar and do the hand-shakie thing with Bush on camera.Notably, Rowley and his camera caught up with Abu Risha on his way to a "business trip" to Dubai, money laundering capital of the Middle East.There are some real sheiks in Anbar, like Ali Hathem of the dominant Dulaimi tribe, who told Rick Abu Risha was a con man. Where was his tribe, this tribal leader? "The Americans like to create characters like Disney cartoon heros." Then Ali Hathem added, "Abu Risha is no longer welcome" in Anbar."Not welcome" from a sheik in Anbar is roughly the same as a kiss on both cheeks from the capo di capi. Within days, when Abu Risha returned from Dubai to Dulaimi turf in Ramadi, Bush's hand-sheik was whacked.On Thursday, Bush said Abu Risha was killed, "fighting Al Qaeda" - and the White House issued a statement that the sheik was "killed by al Qaeda."Bullshit.There ain't no Easter Bunny and "Al Qaeda" ain't in Iraq, Mr. Bush. It was very cute, on the week of the September 11 memorials, to tie the death of your Anbar toy-boy to bin Laden's Saudi hijackers. But it's a lie. Yes, there is a group of berserkers who call themselves "Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia." But they have as much to do with the real Qaeda of bin Laden as a Rolling Stones "tribute" band has to do with Mick Jagger.Who got Abu Risha? Nothing - NOTHING - moves in Ramadi without the approval of the REAL tribal sheiks. They were none-too-happy, as Hathem noted, about the millions the US handed to Risha. The sheiks either ordered the hit - or simply gave the bomber free passage to do the deed.So who are these guys, the sheiks who lead the Sunni tribes of Anbar - the potentates of the Tamimi, Fallaji, Obeidi, Zobal and Jumaili tribes? Think of them as the Sopranos of Arabia. They are also members of the so-called "Awakening Council" - getting their slice of the millions handed out - which they had no interest in sharing with Risha.But creepy and deadly or not, these capi of the desert were effective in eliminating "Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia." Indeed, as US military so proudly pointed out to Rick, the moment the sheiks declared their opposition to Al Qaeda - i.e. got the payments from the US taxpayers - Al Qaeda instantly diappeared.This miraculous military change, where the enemy just evaporates, has one explanation: the sheiks ARE al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Just like the Sopranos extract "protection" payments from New Jersey businesses, the mobsters of Anbar joined our side when we laid down the loot.What's wrong with that? After all, I'd rather send a check than send our kids from Columbus to fight them.But there's something deeply, horribly wrong with dealing with these killers. They still kill. With new US protection, weapons and cash, they have turned on the Shia of Anbar. Fifteen thousand Shia families from a single district were forced at gunpoint to leave Anbar. Those moving too slowly were shot. Kids and moms too.Do the Americans know about the ethnic cleansing of Anbar by our erstwhile "allies"? Rick's film shows US commanders placing their headquarters in the homes abandoned by terrorized Shia.Rick's craziest move was to go and find these Shia refugees from Anbar. They were dumped, over a hundred thousand of them, in a cinder block slum with no running water in Baghdad. They are under the "protection" of the Mahdi Army, another group of cutthroats. But at least these are Shia cutthroats.So the great "success" of the surge is our arming and providing cover for ethnic cleansing in Anbar. Nice, Mr. Bush. And with the US press "embedded," we won't get the real story. Even Democrats are buying into the Anbar "awakening" fairy tale.An Iraqi government official frets that giving guns and cover to the Anbar gang is like adopting a baby crocodile. "A crocodile is not a pet," he told Rick. It will soon grow to devour you. But what could the puppet do but complain about his strings?This Iraqi got it right: the surge is a crock."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Mice Down 70% ?

Tom and Geri say their mouse surge is working but I want an independent report.

Starting to sound like Bush shenanigans around here.

It's more like naps are up 70% and it's not even Caturday.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Almost There...Please Buy My Speechifying Kool-Aid

We's killin 1500 bad guys a month that are trying to kill the food on yer families.

General Betrayus will report agin next March...more successes then too.
Gawd bless and september 11th

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Famous Riffs played by Steve Morse

One of my favorite guitarists...I think the first Steve Morse(Dixie Dregs) record I bought was in'78? So he has to be in his 50s but Deep Purple?...these guys look like a bunch of left wing B.C. blogging hippies! Yikes!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Shocked

It's becoming repetitious lately. Republicans getting caught being creepy vile perverts.
Not becoming of the family values party.
Makes them out to be the worst type of hypocrites.
Newt Gingrich was carrying on with an extramarital affair while he was chastising Clinton over Monica. That set the bar rather low.

Lately we've had Florida Rep. Bob Allen propositioning a black undercover officer in a washroom. His excuse for offering $20 to blow the officer was that the officer was black and he became nervous that if he didn't offer to do this, that he would get beat up by him and other blacks in the park. So Bob is a pathetic racist as well as a sorry ass liar and closet homosexual.
The sordid pattern continues.

Congressman Mark Foley was trying to diddle under aged pages last year and when caught blamed a priest in the Catholic Church for molesting him and an alcohol problem for good measure. Forgive a sinner mate?

Deputy Secretary of State Tobias and gay bashing preacher Ted Haggard insisted that they were only getting massages. Who's stupid enough to buy that one?

Senator David Vitter's phone number was in the D.C. Madames black book of clients but insisted that he never had sex with any prostitute, and his wife who's standing by her man claims she'd Bobbitize him if he were lying. Well...Larry Flynt just had one of Vitter's accusers pass a lie detector test and describe a 4 month affair with him. Even Fox is reporting this. Use a sharp knife Wendy Vitter. Of course, she's a hypocrite as well.

Larry Craig protests way too much and frequently that he's not gay yet he hasn't denied any of the bathroom solicitations he recently made to an undercover cop.
Now he's going to court to say that when he pled guilty many months after the arrest, he did so out of fear and pressure from the media which has hounded him for many years with gay sex allegations. The media made me do it. I'm not gay but under pressure will plead guilty to sordid behaviour in an airport washroom. Who buys that?

They're terrible liars. But they get caught doing the unthinkable in the party of family values and become desperate for any excuse where none will likely be believed.

Larry Flynt is promising to expose more, until they stop being the worst kind of hypocrites. And the list of suspected closeted high level republicans is rather lengthy.

It's a stark contrast to the moral indignation from republicans over Clinton's minor consensual peccadilloes. The party of liars and hypocrites is due for a reckoning.

Even With A New Beard..Irrelevant, Impotent, Symbolic...

...but still 100% responsible for 911!

Iraq ... 0% responsible.

Jesus, if he didn't keep up with his video releases, he would be Osama Bin Forgotten.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Waning Crescent 2% Full - Things That Made Me Laugh Today

"Dissent Makes U.S. Weak"

What a vacuous imbecilic asshole. Tolerating dissent is America's highest achievement .
Take it away and you have a corrupt evil empire.

But Fred is enjoying the elusive American dream. Fame, success and a decades younger trophy wife with big tits. God bless America and God save us from right wing mini Reaganesque corporate shills.

Just what the country needs, another leader who can't decide whether Osama is relevant versus corporate interests which still run U.S. foreign policy.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Please Don't Disturb...Till Caturday

B-52's Private Idaho

A great defense: I pled guilty because I thought it would make it go republican!
Runnin round like a wild potato.
Get out of that state, get out of that state you're in...

Larry Craig, livin in his own private Idaho.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Startlin Successitude

The surge is working!
It's been observed that where ever very large groups of U.S. soldiers go in Iraq, there is probably sometimes a temporary reduction in violence.
It's quite simple then, if enough troops are sent there, say half a million to a million and if they stay there permanently, then victory will be had, assuming victory is now a temporary reduction in violence.
Why the U.S. is in Iraq at all, Iraq having never been related to 911 or terrorism, is no longer relevant.
Since every one who disagreed with Bush's policies has been fired, I think it's safe to say that all staff will recommend continuing the occupation well on into the next presidency.
Long live the surge. War is peace.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain (North Sea Jazz 2006)

Not that anyone cares...but this piece is in a 9/4 beat.
muahahaha to drummers out there trying to master it.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Waning Star

Poor baby is worried that Iraq will be seen as a stain on her legacy!
Her legacy can only be one of gross incompetence.

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Vid