Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Damn Amateurs

Well I have to apologize for
criticizing the quality of the
Saddam execution video.

It was done on a cell phone.
What a bunch of hayseed losers.
The biggest event for many, a
state execution, recorded for
history on a friggin cell phone!

Friggin amateurs. The shame
of it all is that they already have
professionals in the country who
wouldn't mind lynching a 70 year
old man. Maybe a little mocking and torture before the finale. And best of all,
American pros take much better quality images and video.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bush is #1

No one's afraid of Satan anymore.

He'd better get his act together before he loses all street credibility.

Perhaps Satan could become a world leader and invade defenseless countries for no compelling reason causing massive death and misery for millions?

Assassination Completed

I wasn't planning on watching the execution video but it was 'featured' at the top of the Drudge report. Matt is truly sludge, a valueless, talentless over rated voyeur of the days events, distorting where possible to make progressives look bad for some unknown reason due to issues he has and that no one else should really care about...but I digress...

Anyway, don't waste your time. The video is so bad and so amateurish it's stupid. It's crappier than the terrorist videos!
It features a bunch of fat thugs in ski masks who look like the same terrorists we've seen before, they probably are and this is suppose to be a national execution? An alternative to the Hague?

This looks like the amateur home movie of some low class mafia thugs doing a sloppy hit in some abandoned warehouse in Jersey.

This whole process was a disgrace. Assassinate Saddam early in the sham trial to avoid embarrassing the Republicans who helped create this mass killer. And what does any of this have to do with 911? Nothing.

Who's happy? Iran and The White House and the Iran loyal Shiites in Iraq that Bush supports and who have killed hundreds of Americans in terrorist attacks. Strange bedfellows?

Mr. Natural, again, has it all figured out. The whole thing is insane.

Ultimate Hypocrisy

Bush says that this is happening now in Iraq because there's a rule of law there, thanks to him . (That's that pesky thing in the U.S. that Bush has broken repeatedly ie, spying on citizens without a warrant, falsifying intelligence to start a war etc.)

This is a complete joke and an insult to the noble concept of a crimes against humanity court.

A crime against humanity, for which he was hung is a crime against all of humanity. He should have been tried in the Hague , a place set up for these crimes for a reason, so all could see the evidence, the crimes and the punishment, so hopefully would be dictators world wide would see the consequences of these actions and stop this behavior. Would be dictators like George Bush.
That transparency at the Hague court was not possible for Bush because Hussein's crimes were encouraged and facilitated by the U.S. 100%
It would have made more sense to hand Saddam over to Iran who suffered the most by this U.S. puppet dictator.
So Iraq is sovereign with a rule of law? That's why 5 hooded thugs are hanging Saddam. They look like the terrorists who beheaded Nick Berg.

Iran knows why Saddam is being executed in a private sham trial and in the safety of the U.S. controlled Green Zone.
"Investigation into the Iraqi invasion of Iran(1980-1988) and in Kuwait(1990)could have disclosed the U.S involvement in Saddam's crimes and therefore the Americans preferred to close the case earlier"

Would someone like to ask Bush at the next opportunity,
1) What is the purpose of the Hague court for crimes against humanity? Why don't you support it?
2) Was the White House concerned about a longer trial that would have brought out U.S. involvement in facilitating most of Saddam's crimes?

So good riddance to an evil dictator but don't talk about rules of law when the people who facilitated these horrible crimes are preaching their own goodness today and not acknowledging their complicity.

The pic below of Rumsfeld was taken shortly after Iraq started using chemical weapons and committing these heinous crimes against humanity, chemical warfare whose components and logistics were supplied by another Republican government. Nothing was said then? Why is that not a crime then or now? Saddam was hung for crimes from 20 years ago...since there appears to be no time limitations for Republicans, who's next, to stand trial for past crimes against humanity? We could quickly start a list of crimes, if that's helpful?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Movie Review

Yes, I usually wait for the video releases, being a lazy cheap ass.
So my daughters went out to rent a few movies last night and brought home Al Gore!
My youngest L. , insisted that I watch it with them because " Q needs to know this stuff for his blog".

The movie was excellent. Although he's preaching to the choir in my home and probably most others that would rent this, Gore is genuine, intelligent and compelling. There was no preachy pedantic stuff, just sincere articulate concern.

The title is great, conveying the reason why many still ignore this irrefutable science. They know that once the problem is acknowledged that they would feel compelled morally to act differently.

At the end of the movie we were all left with two inconvenient truths. One, that the movie conveyed about ignoring global warming. The second, that the difference between Gore and Bush has never been more stark. More like Greek tragedy level of stark. My favorite play write Sophocles could never have envisioned anything this horrific. The intelligent, principled articulate Gore could have been president, while the dishonest, sociopathic, stupid, inarticulate moron Bush became President twice, while the world desperately needed the first guy to resolve ephocal problems.
Today a large ice shelf separated in the Arctic. Gore points out that all of these events are predicted by scientists just as they predicted the New Orleans levees failing. The problem and solutions are already known, we simply have to demand action from our leaders who appear to be in denial , with the clock running out.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Can The AWOL Spoiled Petulant Sociopathic Delinquent Lower The Bar Any Further?

Sure, there's 2 more years and he ain't growin a brain or finding a heart in that short a time. Nope.

So daddy sent the adults( Iraq Study Group) in to find a way out of Iraq ( the greatest American strategic disaster) for junior and what was his response? Publicly he's going to wait till the New Year to decide. Privately the response is of course to do the opposite with plans for a major offensive 'surge' that will last till the money (which still has to be borrowed from China), runs out. Makes sense actually. Maybe they think if they kill enough people in the next 2 years they may come out the winner?
Makes sense from an adolescent's perspective?

But this isn't low enough for George and his cabal of villains. To lower the bar so low as to challenge medieval times for barbarity the plans are on the boards to find poor foreigners to do the fighting.
Since the Pentagon can't pull 30-50,000 troops out of the air for 'operation surge' , there are plans to fast track poor immigrants to get citizenship in exchange for service in Iraq.
Apparently poor people in the U.S. aren't so stupid, and realize that signing up for Iraq means getting blown up by an IED, even though the poor have been most of the volunteers.
And when the poor immigrants arrive, probably speaking little or no English, who will be sent out to patrol up and down the roads to clear the way of roadside bombs? Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses and we will give them eternal peace saving a despotic President from admitting he was wrong by dying in a lost conflict at the far reaches of a dying empire.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Religious Events Should only Happen When There Are Cameras

Trying to pick out a nice
Holiday card.

I'll probably go with
Mr. Natural since it's mostly
a big corporate bonanza anyway
that don't mean sheeit.

Nothing says warm holiday
spirits like R. Crumb.

But cats and Christmas go nicely
together as well.

Good thing they didn't have cameras
at the manger. Then we'd have real
pics of a baby being born in a pile of
dirty hay on our Christmas cards.
Looks like a baby to me, a baby in a filthy barn.
No it's the supreme being of the universe being born as a human baby . Look, we have baby pictures to prove it.
So cameras wouldn't have been a good idea and cats look better on cards anyway.
But Mr. Natural looks like Santa?

Friday, December 22, 2006

Catmas Blogging Friday

I know there's Festivus, but we need more alternatives to Christmas, the most panicked time of the year.
Perhaps Catmas. Same holiday but without the need to give everyone a gift, or to be happy or in good cheer from start to finish. You spend relaxing time with family and pets doing the things you like about the holiday, in your own way, at your own pace.

Around the city today I saw anger, frustration and dread in peoples faces. It really isn't a nice thing to force on people. And very few people said merry Christmas or anything festive to me.
And of course, since China is now our cheap manufacturer of everything, how many hundreds of billions are they raking in on this great holiday? While we get neurotic every year, the People's Republic becomes the dominant power in the world.
This is sounding like a war on Christmas rant but that's as silly as a war on terror. We just need to decouple the obligatory expense and have a simpler more heartfelt environment for people to find their own Christmas.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oils Well That Ends Well

Neurotics build castles in the sky,
psychotics live in them?

No, that's really for ordinary people.
Presidents can be eccentric,
like Nixon when his war was clearly over,
and he decided to bomb them harder
One last kick at the cat I guess. Or,
Presidents can have nothing to lose by
trying the only strategy that might save
a great con and heist. The greatest oil theft
of all time. Going for all the marbles is better
than ignominious personal defeat.

It would be a shame to lose that billion
dollar embassy in the Green Zone too.
The one with 1000 employees and only
six that speak Arabic. Why so few? Because
the oil business is all English speaking anyway.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Updating Lyrics

Sir Paul needs to
update his lyrics.

Tell me how would you like it
If on your way to work
You were stopped by Iraqi soldiers
Would you lie down do nothing
Would you give in, or go berserk

Give Iraq back to the Iraqis
Don't make them have to take it away
Give Iraq back to the Iraqis
Make Iraq Iraqi today

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ominous Events

This may happen someday soon. One penguin, then no penguins.

Apparently it just happened in China. After 20 million years , man and pollution have made the Yangtze white fin dolphins extinct.

If it's being estimated that our Arctic ice will be gone by as early as 2040, why isn't our government concerned or engaged?

Maybe it will be a start for us to stop electing governments that represent big energy, anti science and technology, far right anti- evolution pro-military rapture ready wing nuts and elect people that have some vision and wisdom about what can be done to save this planet together, and not hog the resources in isolation for the short run.

My 3 Doggies

My two Cavaliers, Syd and Lou , hiding under a table. They have very expressive looks, gentle personalities and make great pets.
Their main concern in life is people food and why they don't get more of it.

Joey the yellow lab in nicer weather, keeping her back yard free of neocons and the religiously insane . Sic'em Joe! Take em down.

Main concern is chasing balls.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Thinking about scout in Hawaii.

Okay, this is probably what I'd be doing in Hawaii.

It's 78F with a few clouds on Kahului, just after 1pm.

The squirrel pics are just more fun than winter in Canada.

Serious Saturday Morning Thoughts

Best toy for xmas?
Still the disgraced Congressman Mark Foley doll, blackberry included, keep it away from the male kiddies.

Hottest babe in the GOP?
Still Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.
But I'm over her in a week already.
Something about her passion for big energy is so...Cheneyesque?

Don't know what I was thinking? Her lifetime membership to the NRA was kind of exciting...oh never mind.

Hottest feline hair style?
Very chic and it scares the bejesus out of the mousens.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tiny Towns Far Away

The beautiful Highlands of North -West Scotland.

There is a small town on the coast of north west Scotland
With dream comfort memory to spare
And in my mind
I still need a small town to know
Where everyone shares the same last name,
Leave us
Celtic, Celtic , Celtic.

Anyway, a tribute to a wee place across from the Isle of Skye, Caol Loch Aillse.

An Inconvenient Goof

Bush -Saudi ties are well documented and established everywhere except with the American public. Otherwise wouldn't the public be storming the White House gates screaming treason?

The only two mid-east countries without any ties to 911 were Israel and Iraq. Iraq the scapegoat and whipping boy of the west. Iraq the diversion from Bin Laden and Iraq the greatest prize of big oil wet dreams.
Time is running out, but the goal of locking in constitutional control of Iraq's oil resources now and in the future for the big 4 oil companies is still the only goal, not how many die in Iraq, the diversionary war on terror.

So it shouldn't ruffle the nation too much if the Saudis are funding the other side?

Now or later?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A New Way Forward

The Iraqi insurgents must have had their own Iraq Study Group.

They've found a new way forward with Saudi financing and Iranian bomb technology to produce bigger more deadly roadside bombs that obliterate any amount of vehicle protection. After the attack there's time for a video then back home the insurgents are now blogging about their victories.

Now that we know the White House has been lying about the level of insurgent violence and can not possibly defeat the insurgency, we anxiously await the new strategy but, what's the rush, maybe in 2007? Sure, 'stay the new way forward ' sounds about right.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Best Art In the Worst Neighborhoods

Random graffiti on the walls of the poorest London England neighborhood, Shoreditch, the irony is that they also get the best free art show.

Sunday Reflections

When I saved this cartoon 2-3 years ago I thought it was very funny satire.

Today it's very ugly humor that incites different feelings because it's actually truth not satire.
Thousands are dead and Iraq is in ruins, all to steal their oil fraudulently in the name of 911.

Seemed unthinkable 4 years ago. It's unbelievable today that Bush is still in office with most Americans coming to this same realization.
It's humiliating to be conned. I guess that's why some 30% still support him?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Jesus the Mundane Jogger

Here's an odd web site. ( I know, there are a million of those). This fellow had a vision from God and was told to draw pictures of Jesus supporting people... but only in very ordinary activities.

Larry spent 3 years studying drawing to accomplish this nuttiness.

There's no crazy like religious crazy.

On the other hand if this is the way God operates in the world it does explain a lot. He's been so busy following joggers and truck drivers that he's been missing all of the bad shit going on out there.

Larry wants you to email him in Florida. Maybe he takes requests? I'd like a Jesus with Mark Foley messaging on the old blackberry and I need it before xmas.

I also want to know why Jesus looks so ...American?