Sunday, April 20, 2008

Better Off?

Angry old man will lie for votes.
McSame old Republican tactics.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Elite? Fantastic!

If elite is the opposite of the last 8 years of corrupt, incompetent, Bush bungling, lowest expectations shit...then elite is a pretty okay change. With the shape the U.S. is in right now, I'd be grabbing intelligent, compassionate, wise and maybe a bit elite and start hanging on for dear life.

Jesus H. Christ this daily politics shit is stupid!

What do Pennsylvanians want in a President anyway? They've already had the dumbest fucking disaster monkey to ever ruin all that he touches and comes into contact with...
So who cares if Obama's a bit elite?
And I don't think after the election, if Hillary won, that she would be coming back to little town Pennsylvania to shoot some ducks and have a few beers with the locals...or are people stupid enough to believe all of this political bull shit instead of worrying about the really deep shit the country is in?