Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What If?

What happens when you just talk to the people of a country that are labeled the axis of evil by the Bush regime? You find people are not so far apart on common issues. Interesting poll results follow.

Most Iranians are opposed to terrorism and attacks on civilians and they have negative views of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden. Iranians and Americans feel that their cultures can find common ground and live in peace and are in favor of more dialogue between their countries.

So much for the inevitable neocon 'clash of civilization' theories. But I'm sure with enough Bush diplomacy, this window of opportunity can be closed for another generation of violence.

This was a major recommendation of the Iraq Study Group, talking with Iran and Syria instead of threatening them.

Of course governments don't represent ordinary people with ordinary peaceful views of the world.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

The news is always depressing thanks in large measure to an annoying daily continuance of politics and religion, but some stories make you want to make it all stop now.
Israel may have misused cluster bombs? How do you properly use an indiscriminate weapon that can kill anyone within an area of several football fields? Why would the U.S. sell such weapons to a country that is known to fight rock throwers with tanks?
It's immoral obviously to use such weapons in populated areas.

If Bush asked any American on the street if they would like to sell cluster bombs to any country, after finding out what they do, anyone on the street would of course say 'God no", not in my name.
There are over 1 million unexploded cluster munitions now scattered across Lebanon. 30 people have been killed lately by them. Isn't it more accurate to say murdered by them?

A U.S. cluster bomb typically holds 670 tennis ball sized bomblets each containing 300 metal fragments for a total of 200,000 metal fragments exploding in an area of 2 football fields. Just a higher level of terror technology. For variety there's also napalm or phosphorous. My view is if you sell weapons like this you are equally responsible for their use or misuse, legally and morally.

The U.S. has left a far bigger lethal mess across Iraq that will kill for generations.
The more I ponder these horrors the more I lose the distinction between terrorists over there and terrorists on our side. Doesn't everyone intuitively understand the difference between defending yourself legitimately and inflicting horror and terror on a populace for political control?

The painting is Banksy putting a pink ribbon on a blackhawk killing machine because we don't want to see the real horror it creates.
We'd only have to see one child blown up by a cluster bomb to say this must stop now, never again.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Best Dog/Cat Pic Ever

Sorry I missed Friday cat /dog blogging.

This pic should make up for it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Bush Legacy

I love this graphic from Larry Flynt.
It was meant to convey something else originally but I
think it sums up Bush's America nicely.

You can put what ever Bush accomplishments
you like on the cross, the constitution, U.S.
image abroad, New Orleans, thousands of service people and Iraqis martyred for oil. Even the religious
right thru the Bush years has suffered, proving
that everything Bush comes near either fails or dies, friend or foe.

He is the anti-American 666. The man with the reverse Midas touch. A sociopath too stupid to be President. The modern equivalent to the madness and fantasy that overtook Germans in the 1930's, turning a normally intelligent people into zombie enablers of evil, proving that when people are afraid, any madness from their leaders is possible.

Monday, January 22, 2007

33% = Lowest Approval Since Nixon

Oh George can do worse than that. Much, much worse.
The real question is how is he getting this much approval?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Running Out of Bush Black Magic

The pompous puppeteer is running out of Iraq options.

Quelle surprise. Every disaster has to end some time, even for the petulant disaster monkey himself. Mr. Natural, the old madcap, may be the only one who can conjure up anymore hope or magic now. But he's busy with the ladies.

Bush is now being criticized by his puppet Maliki, ouch, it's enough to piss off any puppeteer when your puppet starts smart mouthing you without you pulling the strings.

Maliki says recent criticisms from Bush and Rice are helping the enemy. Well that's a friggin switch. He blames high Iraqi deaths on Bush not supplying Iraqi forces with adequate weapons. Double ouch. Bush is helping the enemy and killing Iraqi people. Must be a secret strategery? Why does Bush hate Iraq and America?

Back home the experts are lining up with their own criticisms: "too little too late', "the solution is political not military" Ouch, that's from a general.

"there is no way to win a war that is not in your own interests" Guess that guy's not into stealing oil. Bush will have to start cutting people in on the action or get the hell out . Doesn't this guy watch the Sopranos?

And Mr. Natural. He's conjured up more than he can handle too...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Unscientific Americans

Jesus, what's this all about? The U.S. is near the bottom of 34 countries surveyed for public acceptance of scientific facts? Shock me!

"A country that doesn't believe in evolution doesn't respect rational thought or the scientific process." Amen to that brother.

But the U.S. has this guy.

And millions more like him.

Bad speller
but hell, he's

God and country's what counts. Not who's the smartest
like that Gore guy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dissing Dr. Psycho

Just cause she was the worst ever National Security Adviser?

Cause she went shoe shopping while New Orleans drowned?

Cause she's making another mess in the State Dept.?

She did have Chevron remove her name from that super oil tanker in 2001, so as not to scare the voters about her loyalties.

Well wait till Darth Cheney steps down from his job claiming ill health but it will be over the Plame trial revelations, and Condi, the female equivalent to W, will become the new V.P.

Then we'll really hate her.

No Way To Treat A Grandma

I'm sure the usually insightful Mr. Fish knows that if George was smoking pot... that the troops would be out of there by now.

So Nancy must be smoking crack to understand the surges that drive W.
Any moment now...she'll think God is telling her that she has to murder people and steal their oil, as her normal mind is replaced with the shallow, immature ravings of the rich sociopathic disaster monkey.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

Which One's Joe Again?

Way to go Connecticut. Vote for the sycophantic warmonger who used to be a good guy but now makes as much sense as this other right wing nutbar. You were warned. Ned Lamont looks rather appealing now.

Holy Joe, the darling of the GOP gets placated with a position as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
What's his first order of business? He decides not to pursue any requests for the White House to hand over any embarrassing documents with the Katrina disaster. Before his election he was demanding this investigation.
Now he gives Bush a pass on Katrina and an endorsement on a 'surge' in Iraq.

Is it too early for a Kalifornia type re-call? Or did you mean to vote for Bush's cheerleader?

Not European, He's A Murican

Cold hearted, bloodthirsty, deceitful...a protege of his mom.
Sent from hell in the guise of a simpleton, a class clown...
the idiot next door who keeps borrowing and breaking stuff
cause he's an idiot.
Now with his back against the wall, risking the loss of Iraq's
oil wealth and a place in history other than worst President
ever and worst American family ever...he's unhinged in the Middle East,
unleashed and foamin at the nostrils, ready to take on everyone so
everyone gets behind and supports Mr. 911 again...well 911 has turned into 666.
Only the real antichrist could make Iraqis miss Saddam.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Presidential Address

My fellow Americans, I'm here to tell you tonight that mistakes have been made in Iraq and as your commander in chief, I am not happy with the progress that we've made.
I have a different plan for success in Iraq, a new way forward. I am replacing the 25,000 plus troops who have been killed or seriously injured in Iraq with 21,500 new ones who haven't.
The strategy is simple but our resolve to complete the job must be stronger than before. If we take on the enemy with resolve, maybe in 2 or 3 years we can defeat everyone who opposes our occupation. Then when no one is left who opposes our will, then we will have won and the remaining Iraqis will accept us as liberators and Iraq's oil will be secure.
I am urging Congress to fund operation surge because Americans aren't quitters. Americans don't cut and run. Thank you and may God bless America.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Real Men In The White House

No sovereign government would turn control of it's only resource over to foreign companies to plunder , and then sign the theft into law to make it legal for 30 years.
No sovereign government would allow a foreign government to write their laws, protecting the profits of the marauders who rob them , who are robbing a resource that everyone else in the Middle East controls themselves, because it's so valuable.
The Bush /Cheney level of international extortion, in broad daylight on the world stage and nobody screaming for the police. Of course you can't call for the authorities when the authorities are committing the crime.
There are a dozen House investigations starting next week. There may as well be one more.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blood For Oil

Things are getting frantic in Iraq, if you're looking at it from the White House's point of view.

The Iraq government, (working for the U.S.) is ready to push through a new oil law, (drafted by the the U.S.), that will give ownership sharing of Iraq's oil to the big 4 oil producers. Unprecedented in the industry. A virtual theft of the countries resource. And I thought Bartcop was a crazy conspiracy theorist.

They will have a contract to lock in double high normal profits for 30 years. They will get 75% of oil profits for the first years, undefined in length. A major theft of the best oil reserve and the cheapest to extract, the most profitable oil in the world.

The dream, the vision, the life's work of Dick Cheney. Well, at least since 1999.

But the plan can't go ahead right away, even when the new law passes. The big oil guys won't come in until there is security for their investments.

Enter operation surge.

Revenge Can Be This Sweet

The irony is slowly filtering thru..
A woman leader of the House...from the hot bed of liberalism , San Francisco!!!!
One who cares more about people, especially her grandkids, than the energy industry and the industrial military complex.
An intelligent principled woman who's not beholding to any wealthy special interest group.
A woman who hates George Bush and what he's done to America more than I do.
A most welcome and excellent turn of events I must say.
So the moral of the story I hope is that if you wrongly ridicule and vilify a lovely city like San Fran and people of a political view who are more interested in real people issues than the corrupt and powerful..than you get this lovely image in Congress! Muahahahahahahahahahaha

Friday, January 05, 2007

Moqtada At The Execution?

Lots of rumors on the internets and from the Saudi daily news, that one of Saddam's hangmen was in fact Moqtada al Sadr.
That would explain the constant chanting of 'Moqtada' thru the video. Moqtada's father was executed by Saddam.

Al Sadr leads a violent Shiite militia that's killed many Sunni civilians, hundreds of Americans including Cindy Sheehan's son and is proof that Maliki controls nothing in Iraq but his own bladder perhaps, but only in the Green Zone.

If true, this will certainly inflame the civil war.

Kitty Friday

Woohoo. It's hour 2 of Friday happy hour, I'm 3 sheets to the wind, muahahahahaha and the blogosphere cries out for cats cats cat blogging Friday. Ok, dogs are always welcome too.
First order of business, an oldie but goodie, please folks, be aware of the dangers of anonymous gay cat sex.

Second order of business, be it resolved that cats are smarter than dogs, even when they're down and out,

Yes, only dogs are foolish enough to fall for long distance romances,

Purpose: Survival of all that's good.

Apparatus: The good earth and intuitive metaphor from matter in our brains newly conscious of itself as being conscious. Shit, when did that happen? Sorry Homer, you guys were hearing voices from your other hemisphere, not the gods. You were only a few hundred years away from this cursed unified brain stuff. But you can go home again, he's called Pat Robertson.

Hypothesis: 1)Science doesn't think. Thank you Martin Heidegger. 2)The way up is the same as the way down. Thank you Heraclitus.3) Can the universe be moved 3 feet to the right? Thank you Leibniz. 4) Real time is lived duration. Thank you Henri Bergson.

Method: The silence of god and the mocking sarcasm of the lovers of the earth, the last man, the overman and Keith Olberman.

Conclusion? Bush sucks.

Success for the scientific method as taught in Canadian public schools in 1967.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


A simple solution to bypassing Bush that would end the war.

"Whereas Iraq both poses a continuing threat to the national security of the United States and international peace and security in the Persian Gulf region and remains in material and unacceptable breach of its international obligations by, among other things, continuing to possess and develop a significant chemical and biological weapons capability, actively seeking a nuclear capability, and supporting and harboring terrorist organizations."

Some of the original resolution from Congress in 2002 authorizing Bush to invade Iraq.

Since all of the statements and resolutions are resolved ( actually they were all untrue) and of course Saddam is removed, there is no reason why Congress can not issue a new resolution claiming the mission is now completed and thus end the war.

This same method was done to end the 1993 involvement in Somalia.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Selfish Not Crazy

Not crazy. Pat Robertson is crazy. Bush is just evil. I've had this all wrong. It makes no sense to surge more troops in Iraq when it will only kill more Iraqis and more Americans.

Pretty well everyone agrees about

Because that makes no sense I've assumed he's gone nuts or something. I'm not cynical enough to recognise his motivation. He probably does realize that Iraq is lost but refuses to take the loss himself.

But if he keeps the war escalating on the ground, the troops will be stuck there thru 2008, long enough for the next president to be the one to bring them home. That makes Bush not a winner in Iraq, but not a loser, not the one who quit by bringing the troops out. Perhaps a profoundly important distinction to this man's ego. He may be a true sociopath.

As Robert Parry calls it, it's operation save Bush's legacy.

He's that selfish.

Brain Challenged Crazy Mofo

Another brain fart from the

mentally/morally challenged

leader of the 700 Club. Glad I'm

not mentally challenged enough

to be a member.

It's getting old, these hate filled, wacky revelations of Pat, but shit, why is he still given air time? This is what troubles me about the outspoken religiously insane. If Joe Average on the street went to the authorities and said, "look God has spoken to me and you have to get me to the TV stations to warn the public..." we know Joe Average would be in for a psychiatric assessment. This guy can do that all he wants and no one in authority has a little talk with him, you know, Pat, don't take this personally but you're sick and need help. God is not talking to you, you need help, you're delusional, possibly schizophrenic.etc.

People who hear voices need psychiatric help, yet people who think God is speaking to them are given a pass if they have status in a church . Isn't free speech limited when one encourages murder or assassinations , or fear mongering the public with outrageous claims that cause some sort of public distress?

Personally, I think he should be sedated and taken for a nice long evaluation, before God tells him to do something really dangerous, like run for president.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Had Enough of Clowns Crack Heads and Cronies In Charge?

Bush is expected to announce a surge in Iraq within days, possibly up to 30,000 more troops. Not to train Iraq's forces but to quell the unhappy populace. I think when you've lost everything, this is called doubling down?
Psychiatry has other explanations for repetitive failing behavior.

Since no one thinks there's enough time or will for an impeachment of these lunatics, how about a good old fashioned third world style coup? Few adults support raising the level of violence in Iraq. Maybe an old fashioned military lead rebellion or coup is the answer. Bush, Cheney, McCain, Lieberman and any of the neocon cabal that doesn't renounce this mad regime should be put in a boat and set adrift, they can pick up a few stranded polar bears along the way, bears stranded because all of the money needed to combat global warming is burning up in Iraq for nothing.
Well the banishment isn't essential, although Elba's fine with me, but the revolt, preferably within the republican party, may become necessary to save a rapidly sinking republican future.

Norton Sucks

A cartoon to put me in better humor. Norton anti virus is evil. After loading and reloading over 2 weeks because it kept screwing up and slowing everything down ,I finally killed it.

I had to switch from firefox to IE temporarily to get the 'tool' to remove it( symantic doesn't like mozilla) and when I went back to firefox all of my favorites and passwords and settings were gone, everywhere. System restore didn't help but I think Gates gave me the finger during restore for trashing XP media center 2005 as another piece of crap.

A deliberate act from that geeky Norton guy. What a jerk. From now on , Tuesdays are 'I hate Norton" days here, in memory of this asshole.

AVG is free and working great for the last 2 hours. I'll keep you all posted.

And the cartoon? Yeah, right, there's not much chance of that happening in 2007. The right wing has screwed up so bad in 2006 that a kid would have to like pedophiles, the religiously insane, hypocrites or wingnut maroons to convert this year. And if he got a Mark Foley disgraced action figure for don't throw it out, I'll buy it.