Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

I'm going with the Harry Potter theme this year.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dogs Rule Q Manor

The rules are simple.

1)The best furniture gives the best nap.
2)Anytime is good naptime.
3)Always watch the backyard for republicans.

Keepin Us Safer?

So the Bush federal agency for keeping us safer in the skies has still not done a basic criminal background check on the 50,00 people who handle cargo on and off planes every day since 911!
It must be hard work...not.
It is a bull shit con game with the voters though. Makes it so much easier when the voters are thinking with their fears instead of their brains.
If you connected all of the dots of the Bush lies and screw ups would it form a picture of a monkey?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Good Day In Iraq 365/24/7

Did anybody ask Bush, repeatedly, in order to get an answer, why the central front on the war on terror is in a country that had nothing to do with 911 or terrorism or was a serious threat to any of it's neighbors or certainly the U.S.
Oh that's right, I forgot, Bush and his fascist friends are completely mad..............................about oil.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bush's Legacy

Mass death and destruction in a country that had no ties to 911 and had never threatened the U.S.

Working On That Halloween Costume

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not Too Early For Xmas!

Q's away, in Toronto for a few more days. Won't be able to bid on this one of a kind ebay Mark Foley action figure. Bids at $67 already!
Damn I want one!
Comes with blackberry and booze too.
Perfect gift for xmas?
Wish I could buy one for all of my little playmates out there in the ethernet :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The New Nazis

George W Bush has just bought 150 square miles of land in Paraguay. 98,842 acres.

Daddy has already bought 173,000 acres.

And in the same town of Chaco Paraguay, family friend Rev. Moon has bought 1,482,600 acres.

U.S. troops now granted immunity from war crimes prosecutions have arrived for military exercises and there are rumors of a future superbase and airfield near by.

We have a very Bush friendly president in Paraguay. There's an extradition law with the U.S. but recently, Paraguay has exempted political crimes and offences from their laws.

The perfect retirement get away for war criminals on the run?

Their land is also sitting on top of the largest fresh water aquifer on the continent of South America. There is oil and natural gas nearby of course but fresh water is an interesting play for the future.

More likely, White House legal teams are planning survival strategy for post 2008 GOP life, in Paraguay of course.

Good coverage of this story at Wonkette.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Golden Fleece

Matthew Rothschild pointed out something interesting in A Bush speech on Iraq last Wednesday. Bush is now for the first time mentioning oil as a main reason for not leaving Iraq. He mentions oil 3 times in one speech.
I remember in the run up to war how it was unthinkable to suggest that the invasion was over oil , that it was only about security. We contemplated the suspicious rush to get over there and secure the oil ministry and fields but figured that the public would 'string them up' if they got caught at this high stakes shell game. Of course that was before we knew about Cheney's energy task force meetings carving up Iraq's riches for the big energy companies, before 911.
The Bush rationale now is that there's too much wealth and strategic assets in Iraq to allow terrorists to take control of it. As if Iraqis want or would let their country be run by terrorists?
Rothschild summarizes the new Bush switcheroo as" Bush understood that oil wasn't a sellable reason for invading Iraq, but now it's suppose to be a selling point for staying there."

Joshua Holland points out that there is a deadline in December for Iraq to finalize it's 'oil laws'.
Iraq's constitution from Bremer days requires it to allow foreign companies to own and control oil assets. It's even written into their constitution that they can't pass any future laws that would reduce oil profits in any way, such as minimum wage laws or even human rights laws! The goal is to get Iraq out of OPEC , have it's oil controlled by the big 4 and to thus control world prices.
Apparently, Iraq oil is so close to the surface that it's the cheapest in the world to remove, between $1-1.50 per barrel total costs to remove! The quality, quantity and profitability make Iraq the holy grail of the oil world.
Hidden reserves in western Iraq are believed to be enormous . The sweetest easiest crude in the world and 2 oil men running the U.S.
Iraq is the first opportunity the oil giants have had to take control of their supply.
Is this elephant in the room somewhere in the back of most American voters minds or would they hold their noses and want to control oil prices and accept this piracy of another countries sovereignty and riches?
There is a lot at stake for Bushco and the worlds 4 largest oil companies in Iraq. Everything in 'their' world is at stake. And nothing in 'our' world will get in their way, which explains their arrogance, callousness and single mindedness about staying the course.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Going to Pot

The crafty Taliban are hiding in thick forests of marijuana, forcing Canadian troops to try and burn the crop but that only relaxes the troops near by. Alison saw this one coming.
We'll have to start training our troops in B.C. to overcome this challenge. If only we could find a use for these plants we could pay the locals to harvest it?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Kitty Rant

Canada is trying hard to stop a U.N. proposed moratorium on bottom trawling in the deep, open oceans. Outside national jurisdictions, huge fleets from Europe and Japan are 'bulldozing' the ocean floor for small 'luxury sale' catches, destroying the habitat needed to produce the next generation of fish.
Even the U.S. is against this stupidly destructive practice! Canada isn't a player and has nothing to lose in fighting it?
Apparently though, our government doesn't support any blanket environmental bans, even when it doesn't make sense not to!!!
Harper must go before we become an international laughing stock. Or is it too late.

Good Riddance to the Witch of the West

It's probably time to move on from excessive coverage of the Foley scandal...but...it has to be said, who would have thought that not torture or an illegal war, or cronyism and corruption causing American deaths, or lies and spying on Americans, but a little bucket of water resulting from an instant message to a page would cause America to finally rethink the worst governing party ever? A bucket of water that's caused the party to slowly implode before the voters.
Certainly fair considering Clinton's legacy is only Monica.
In a few more weeks we should be hearing the collective wails of the GOP, "I'm melting, melting, what a world, what a world..."

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Nobody's happy with Denny Hastert.
Torture boy says he's a father,teacher,coach who cares about America's children. Strange thing to say when he put a pedophile in charge of America's missing and exploited children caucus? How could he do that?
Some think there are more who could be exposed as if things weren't bad enough.
Others are hearing a lot of shocking rumors about Mr. Hastert himself.
The scandal has probably already cost the GOP the fall elections.
Has Monicagate karma returned as buggergate?
As Bartcop.com always notes, " Republicans always go kinky." Now they should just go.

Real Or Cartoon? Never Been Easier With These Assclowns

Friday, October 06, 2006

Keeping Us Safe from Gary Smith

This terror suspect can't fly. Meet Robert Johnson, no fly beagle pup.
After spending $144 million on a no fly data base list, the mis- administration has come up with 44,000 suspicious people who can't fly. Most people are on the list inexplicably , other than standard Bush bungling. They include people named John Williams, Robert Johnson and Gary Smith. The British terrorists plotting to blow up planes recently are not on the list. Saddam is. Osama isn't. 14 of the dead 911 hijackers are on the list. 5 are not. The president of Bolivia Evo Morales is on. You get the picture.
Unfortunately, once put on this list there's apparently little hope of getting off of it, meaning long embarrassing delays at the airport.
Sadly, but not surprisingly many peace activists and Bush critics are also on the list. They could actually be detained without charges, tortured and disappear?
Pakistani nuclear mastermind A.Q. Khan is not on the list. Actually most terrorists are not on the list as the government doesn't trust airport security with this top secret information??? None of this of course makes any sense or makes anyone safer.
But new innocent people and pups are being added daily, of course. Heckofajob.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spying Disconnect

So the chairman and 4 others at Hewlett Packard are charged with spying. Where did they get the idea it was acceptable to spy on employee phone records to catch a boardroom leaker?
Serious crimes unless you're the king. It's good to be king.

Ottawa Doesn't Care About The Homeless

This may be a common plight across Canada. 9 small agencies in London that have been promised and have been waiting for many months for funding for homeless people and youth projects such as homeless youth with aids are no longer sustainable. I agency that was taking care of over 500 homeless in the downtown has quit and closed it's doors for lack of money, others have laid off staff and are almost done as well.
The only politician concerned, a local NDP MP Irene Matheysson has been hounding Diane Finlay, the federal minister for social development. The money month after month is suppose to be ' in the pipeline' but they must realize groups can't survive that long without support. Matheysson wonders if Ottawa is hoping to prove these agencies aren't needed by their closings?
I can't imagine the job of being an outreach worker in such a sad challenge, but to get screwed by a government that can give away 1 billion to the U.S. for a bad lumber deal or cut a billion from services while having surpluses?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Voting The Future

When I was small , I was lucky enough to have free reign with my imagination and endless free time for it. I spent most of my time there in fact, in my own private world. A world of dinosaurs, space and heroic adventures, created from books mostly. Even for lucky childhoods like I had, the innocence is fleeting and somewhere around 10 we realize that the gig is up?
The news lately has been especially bad for kids, a trend of the last 20 or so years and I don't know what it would be like growing up today with what little ears can pick up. We never had constant exposure to terrorism, torture, pedophiles, school shootings, teen violence, sex everywhere, dieting, climate change, sexual identity...and on and on it goes every day.
Most voters are parents and I think in Canada and the U.S. more will be in a trend to vote for people that they think can make the world better for their children and children's children, rather than tax cuts today and a false sense of security from an exaggerated foreign threat.
Republicans deserve to unravel under the weight of their own corruption before the upcoming elections. They've been a fraud wrapped in a lie while filling their pockets and their friends pockets and not giving a damn about anyone's children or everyone's future.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reign of Terror

I'm getting tired of depressing pics caused by the reign of terror of spoiled petulant tyrant King George. I put up this one as it scares away Republicans. Works like garlic cloves around your neck . Also there 's a cute little Cavalier spaniel in it and Q has 2 of these little rascals.

This whole "torture me, Elmo" legislation as Ed Naha calls it
seems like a hail Mary pass to me. The game may soon be over if the wobbly Dems take back a House and get mean on Bush's ass. It has to end surely by '08? Everything in the bill is stuff they've been doing illegally all along anyway so it's obviously a desperate ploy to possibly save them from future criminal prosecution. They're asking for tools they have already summarily used for 5 years.
Will this outrage get by even a Republican friendly Supreme Court? If that happens .....I'm not even going to contemplate living next door to Pinochet or Slobodan.

Seriously, within a year thousands of foreign mothers,wives and sisters would be marching in Washington holding up the pictures of loved ones who had disappeared without a trace or trial. Is that not an impossible bad dream to imagine?
The other box they've put themselves into is the fact that they've already tortured and abused so many that they couldn't be tried in a real court, so some kind of kangaroo court is needed as an alternative.
What did these idiots think was going to happen, eventually, when adults got back in power?
Impeachment might be lenient and attractive compared to other possibilities awaiting them?